About us

Salut - we are Claudia & Birgitt, the owners of Camping Wesertal.

With our passion for rural life with gardening, poultry and beekeeping as well as a fondness for wild journeys we took over 2014 Camping Wesertal.

Adventurous, we wanted to create a campsite for travelers, hikers and cyclists, on which we would like to set up our own tents or put our campervan.

Against all new camping-trends (bigger, more amusing, more luxurious), we try to stop the march of time, turn the clock back to the origins of Camping:

Rustic, in close touch with nature, plain and simple. It seems to us, that getting back on basics enriches life.

With this in mind, we get started to arrange the Site:

Uncovering the old structure, renovating and changing carefully, establishing space for keeping warm and socializing.

We are not finished yet. There are plenty of ideas enough for several lives.

Nevertheless, we are grateful for suggestions!


Any more questions? Feel free to ask!

Rue de l'Invasion 68     B - 4837 Baelen-Membach  

Tel. +32 (0)87- 301736  Email: mail@camping-wesertal.com