Available on the campsite:

The winter garden is furnished with a tea kitchen, a fireplace and a small library with some games.
It will be a fine place for those
campers, who feel too cramped in their van or feel cold in their tent.

In front of  the winter garden our herbary provides the ingredients for fresh teas or spices to complete your meals.


Sanitary facilities:
6 Showers / 10 toilets, chemical toilets, scullery (2 sinks with warm water), laundry room with washer and dryer,

outside sinks. Two additional watertaps on the field.  All water connections carry drinking water.

The sanitary area is open throughout. During cleaning, there are some restrictions on usage.
At night the temperaturefor the warm water is lowered. 


Hygiene and Cleanliness are taken very seriously at Camping Wesertal! We try to keep our facilities and grounds

as clean and cared as possible! 

waste separation – zero waste?
As a campsite we want to make our contribution for the avoidance of waste - together with our guests.
Therefore, we ask all guests for the waiver of superfluous disposable items such as disposable grills,
plastic dishes ....

In our garbage - bins we collect separate: glass, plastic, paper, residual waste

And to avoid the food-waste: we have installed a food-sharing-box

By the way: we also want to avoid light pollution - the lighting of the trails is kept to a minimum
- in the forest there is none (please do not forget flashlights!).


Shopping & Information:
You will get nearly everything in Eupen (3km).

If you need less, you will find a selection of important and unimportant

things in our reception:. Such as our self-made honey, eggs, milk, beverages, icecream (only in summer),
maps for hikers & bikers, charcoal ......

In the evening you can order coffee/tea,  baguettes and buns from us for breakfast (only in peak-saison & weekends).

Besides of this we have a lot of information material about the possibilities of the neighborhood.


You can borrow:
- boules (deposit)
- table tennis bats (deposit)
- Barbecues (deposit)
- Hammocks (for a fee)

Ice-packs can be stored with us for a small fee in the freezer.

And: there is a - slow - wifi around the front desk, for free. The campsite itself is wifi-free.
So you have a chance for a little digital detox...

1 Single cabin in the forest for 1 person, 2 cabins for 2 persons, trekking lodge for up to 6 people (3 bunk beds),

a stacaravan for 2 persons, a stacaravan for 4 persons,
Also to hire for our guest: A sauna with a wood burning stove in the forest.

Rue de l'Invasion 68     B - 4837 Baelen-Membach  

Tel. +32 (0)87- 301736  Email: