FAQs - good to know


Well behaved dogs & responsible dogowners are welcome on camping wesertal. We want a clean campsite, because here is the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the playroom for our guests. That's why we are now very strict with our dog rules:
The four-legged friends regularly leave the campsite for a dogwalk. in no case use the campsite - especially not the tentmeadow or our forest - as a dog toilet.
In the main season (long weekends, july and august) we do not accept reservations for tents with dogs in the woods and on the tent meadow.Dogs (max 2) are allowed at any time for the other pitches. ... and do not forget: after a long drive here - first the doggiwalk, then start to camp!


At Camping Wesertal should be as little traffic as possible. Part of the camping: the tent meadow and the forest are non-car- areas. If you camp there or have rented a trailer, leave the car in the parking in front of the campsite and transport your luggage with the wheelbarrow / trailer to there by hand.
For campers in the other aeras it is important to know: one car per pitch can be driven to the campground and park there. Every other car stays outside.
No car traffic between 22h and 8h in the morning. If you come later or need to drive earlier, leave the car outside in the parking lot.


We are happy if we know in advance who is visiting us!
That's why we like to see our guests announce themselves in the off-season with an email: when they come to how many people they come and how long they want to stay ... That would be a non-binding reservation, which can be canceled at any time without cost.
for the main season: on the long weekends (Ascension, Pentecost, Corpus Christi ....) and for the months of July and August, we only accept a binding reservation. for a binding reservation we need the following information by email:
- arrival date, departure date
- how many people / children are coming? dog?
- what do you bring with you: caravan, mobile home, tent, pavilion ... (how many, which size approx.)
- do you need electricity?
- address
The reservation is only binding if we have sent a confirmation by e-mail.

Our cancellation policy for binding reservations in the main season:
- If you cancel later than 10 days before arrival or do not show up, you pay 10 € per person.
- If you leave earlier than booked, you will pay for the duration of the actual stay plus one more day For the rental properties (stacaravan, site-trailer, trekkershut) other rules apply.


We are a small overnight stay company and want to keep the number of visitors and strangers limited so that our guests can spend their time undisturbed.Anyone who receives visitors, announces them in advance at the reception - for each visitor, € 3 are to be paid. Visitors can only stay in the campsite between 10 am and 8 pm. They always park their cars in the car park outside the campsite.When we are fully booked, we ask you to refrain from visitors. If you just want to have a look at the camping, do not enter the campsite without our prior permission.For sightseeing please first get in touch with the reception. usually - if time permits - we will guide you.

check in check out arrival - departure

Arrival is possible from 15 - 20h (weekdays in the low season there are deviations)
when you arrive: first signs up in the reception.
Without agreement with us, nobody enter the campground or builds his tent there.
coming later than 20h: this can be arranged with us, we only need to know it, so that we can welcome you.
starting from 22h car - traffic on the campsite is usually no longer possible.
As of 22h, a tent can usually not be set up in the forest.
arrival earlier than 15h costs 7.50 €
this is only possible after consultation with us and depends on the availability of pitches.
Earliest arrival possibility is from 10h departure is possible from 8 - 12h
If you want to leave earlier, you have to leave the car in the parking lot at night
If you want to leave later, please contact us - it depends on the availability of pitches.
If this is possible, a longer stay (up to 17h) is possible for a fee of € 7.50. If you leave later then 17h you have to pay a whole day.

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