The campsite - small , basic and cosy


Camping Wesertal, situated in eastern Belgium, stands for a holiday in close touch with nature. The small site  

provides 52 pitches for tents, caravans, vans and mobile homes , only some of them are occupied by permanent campers.

So there is ample room for guests who want to spend their getaways or vacation. 
All pitches (not in the forrest!) are equipped
with electricity .
The large and small  tents were best put up in the non-car area: in the forest and on the banks of

the river Weser, who wanders through the valley. These places you only reach without a car & you will hardly have a chance
for eletricity. Luggage must be transported by wheelbarrow
from the car park in front of the campground.

If you camp in the motorized area (outside the forest), you can drive up to the pitch and rent a power connection.

The caravans that can be rented are located in this area .

The cabins for rent are mainly in the forest - in the non-car area - the luggage must be transported there with wheelbarrows.

Don`t be afraid, althought the place is close to nature and basic, there are all conveniences like sanitary facilities,

electricity, a small kiosk and a homely tea kitchen with wood-burning oven.

BBQ (with coals!) is allowed, campfire with wood is forbidden:  there is a lot of forest and we are in the nature reserve "Natura 2000".



arrival / check in 15h-20h     departure / check out 8-12h

(restrictions are possible during weekdays in low season)

Other arrival and departure times are only possible by arrangement - or with good luck!

we are open:       08.06.2020 - 04.10.2020

Rue de l'Invasion 68     B - 4837 Baelen-Membach  

Tel. +32 (0)87- 301736  Email: