Local Info / environment


Forest, waters and fenland

Woodlands, the nature reserve Hohes Venn-Eifel with peat bogs, heathland, bushes and swamps.

The numerous reservoirs in the proximity.

The Eifel National Park.

Sleepy little towns and places steeped in history



You will find us not very far from the motorway

Aachen-Brussels (exit Eupen).


Even with public transport we are within easy reach: There is a bus (No. 724) from Eupen bus station right on the doorstep. Not on sundays.

(between Haasstr. and Membach Eglise )

station Arrêt Doum  Rue de l'Invasion

Taxi from Station Eupen: ca. 10,- €

Or make a promenade: Find Limburger Weg on the map of Eupen - it is getting a path. the next possibility left and you will reach our campsite at the end. (5km)

Next train-stations:

Eupen 4km, Welkenraedt 8km, Dolhain-Gileppe (7km)




Rue de l'Invasion 68     B - 4837 Baelen-Membach  

Tel. +32 (0)87- 301736  Email: mail@camping-wesertal.com